Metasys DX

Johnson Controls Metasys DX Controllers


Johnson Controls Metasys DX Part Series LCD Display and Lonworks Digital Controllers for automation replacement. The TRW Supply online store supplies new and refurbished Johnson Controls Metasys DX LCD Display and Lonworks Digital Controllers. This allows your manufacturing facility to maintain your Johnson Controls Metasys DX equipment with replacement controllers. If you're looking for a specific Metasys DX or other automation controller, contact our representatives. You can buy Johnson Controls Metasys DX controllers used or new, all units come with a one-year warranty. For automation plants or similar facilities because TRW isn't an official Johnson Controls distributor, we're able to offer both new and obsolete Johnson Controls products that you can't source through a distributor.

Showing of parts.
Metasys DX Description
DPT-2000-2Metasys DX Transmitter (DPT20002)
DT-9100-8004Metasys DX LCD Display Operator Interface (DT91008004)
DT-9100-8104Metasys DX LCD Display Operator Interface 8104 (DT91008104)
DT-9100-8902Metasys DX Wall Mount Bracket (DT91008902)
DX-9100Metasys DX Controller (DX9100)
DX-9100-7454Metasys DX Extended Digital Controller (DX91007454)
DX-9100-8004Metasys DX Extended Digital Controller with Black Box (DX91008004)
DX-9100-8154Metasys DX Digital Controller with HVAC Out (DX91008154)
DX-9100-8454Metasys DX Extended Digital Controller (DX91008454)
DX-9100-8900Metasys DX Wall Mounting Base (DX91008900)
DX-9100-8990Metasys DX Mounting Base and Wire (DX91008990)
DX-9100-8991Metasys DX Wiring Protection Kit (DX91008991)
DX-9100-8996Metasys DX Extended Digital Controller (DX91008996)
DX-9100-8997Metasys DX Mounting Base DX-9100 (DX91008997)
DX-91008304Metasys DX Digital Controller 8304 (DX91008304)
DX-9121-8454Metasys DX Lonworks Digital Controller (DX91218454)
DX-9200-8454-DAMetasys DX Extended Digital Controller 24VAC 14 Output (DX92008454)
DX-9200-8997Metasys DX Compatible Digital Controller (DX92008997)
XP-9103-8304Expansion Module 8 Digital Output Binary (XP91038304)
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