Omron Sysmac CJ2


CJ2 offers enhanced performance and functionality over the CJ1. A Programmable Controller (PLC) that inherits all the features of the CJ1, but provides higher data memory capacity, a multi functional ethernet port, tag access and a USB port. CJ2, CJ2M-CPU, CJ2H, CJ2M, Programmable Control Modules and Pulse Input Output Communication Control Modules. TRW Electric & Supply offers all control modules from the Omron CJ2 for sale. If the current equipment your plant needs replacing, then send your CJ2 units to our technicians.

Showing of parts.
CJ2 Description
CJ2H-CPU64CPU 2560 Points 40 Units Features Program Capacity of 50K Steps 160K Words Data Memory (CJ2HCPU64)
CJ2H-CPU64-EIPCJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2HCPU64EIP)
CJ2H-CPU65CPU 50K Steps 160K Words DM 32K Words (CJ2HCPU65)
CJ2H-CPU65-EIPCJ2 EtherNet IP Control Module (CJ2HCPU65EIP)
CJ2H-CPU66Controller CJ2 CPU 150K PR OG 352K DATA (CJ2HCPU66)
CJ2H-CPU66-EIPCJ2 EtherNet IP Control Module (CJ2HCPU66EIP)
CJ2H-CPU67Sysmac PLC CPU 67 (CJ2HCPU67)
CJ2H-CPU68Sysmac PLC CPU 68 (CJ2HCPU68)
CJ2M-CPU11CJ2 Control Module (CJ2MCPU11)
CJ2M-CPU12CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU12)
CJ2M-CPU13CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU13)
CJ2M-CPU14Sysmac Programmable Logic Controller CPU 14 (CJ2MCPU14)
CJ2M-CPU15CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU15)
CJ2M-CPU31CJ2 Control Module (CJ2MCPU31)
CJ2M-CPU32CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU32)
CJ2M-CPU33CJ2 Control Module (CJ2MCPU33)
CJ2M-CPU34CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU34)
CJ2M-CPU35CJ2 Input Output Control Module (CJ2MCPU35)
CJ2M-MD211CJ2 Control Module (CJ2MMD211)
CJ2M-MD212Sysmac PLC PULSE Input Output MODULE (CJ2MMD212)
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