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Johnson Controls Metasys FA


Johnson Controls Metasys FA series Unitary Controllers, Interface PC Boards and Analog Modules for automation replacement at TRW Electric & Supply. Our online store supplies new and refurbished Johnson Controls Metasys FA controllers with Valve Controls, Interface PC Boards and Analog Modules. Purchasing Unitary Controllers from TRW offers great advantages over traditional distributors. This allows your manufacturing facility to maintain your Johnson Controls Metasys FA equipment with replacement units. If you're looking for a specific Metasys FA or other automation controller, contact our representatives. For automation plants or similar facilities because TRW isn't an official Johnson Controls distributor, we're able to offer both new and obsolete Johnson Controls products that you can't source through a distributor.

Showing of parts.
Metasys FA Description
FA-AHU101-1Metasys FA Analog Module 20MA (FAAHU1011)
FA-AHU102-0Metasys FA AHU Facilitator Controller (F) (FAAHU1020)
FA-AHU103-300Metasys FA AHU Termination Board (F) (FAAHU103300)
FA-DT9100-8004Metasys FA Display Controller LCD (FADT91008004)
FA-DX9100-8454Metasys FA Extended Digital Controller (FADX91008454)
FA-EWC13-0Metasys FA Enclosure Assembly with Bracket and 50VA XFRMR (FAEWC130)
FA-N311010-0Metasys FA Control Module (FAN3110100)
FA-N311010-1Metasys FA Control Module N31 1010-1 (FAN3110101)
FA-N311010-2Metasys FA Control Module N31 1010-2 (FAN3110102)
FA-N311310-1Metasys FA Controller Board N31 (FAN3113101)
FA-TC9102-0221Metasys FA Fan Controller (On/Off) (FATC91020221)
FA-TC9102-0331Metasys FA Fan Controller (On/Off) 2 Stage Relay (FATC91020331)
FA-UNT-141-1Metasys FA Unitary Controller 141-1 (FAUNT1411)
FA-UNT110-1Metasys FA Unitary Controller (F) 110-1 (FAUNT1101)
FA-UNT111-1Metasys FA Unitary Controller with Quick Connection (FAUNT1111)
FA-UNT120-1Metasys FA Unitary Controller with Low Temp (F) (FAUNT1201)
FA-UNT121-1Metasys FA Unitary Controller 121-1 (FAUNT1211)
FA-VAV110-1Metasys FA Digital Variable Air Volume Controller (F) (FAVAV1101)
FA-VAV111-1Metasys FA Variable Air Volume Controller (F) (FAVAV1111)
FA-VAV140-1Metasys FA Digital Variable Air Volume Controller (FAVAV1401)
FA-VAV141-1Metasys FA Variable Air Volume Controller with Terminal Block (FAVAV1411)
FA-VAVDPT2-1Metasys FA Variable Air Volume Controller 111 with Different Pressure (FAVAVDPT21)
FIC-101-0Metasys FA PC Board 101-0 (FIC1010)
FIC-101-1Metasys FA Operator Interface Module (FIC1011)
FIC-101-700Metasys FA PC Board 101-700 (FIC101700)
FIC-101-701Metasys FA Field Interface Board (FIC101701)
FIC-800Metasys FA Digital Interface Board (FIC800)
FIC-800-1Metasys FA Field Interface Controller with Base (FIC8001)
FIC101Metasys FA Field Interface Controller 101 (FIC101)
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