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Johnson Controls Metasys NU


Johnson Controls Metasys NU Part Series Digital Network Control Modules and Memory Ethernet cards for automation replacement. The TRW Supply online store supplies new and refurbished Johnson Controls Metasys NU control modules Memory Ethernet cards. This allows your manufacturing facility to maintain your Johnson Controls Metasys NU equipment with replacement control modules. If you're looking for a specific Metasys NU or other automation control modules, contact our representatives. For automation plants or similar facilities because TRW isn't an official Johnson Controls distributor, we're able to offer both new and obsolete Johnson Controls products that you can't source through a distributor. You can buy Johnson Controls Metasys NU controllers used or new, all units come with a one-year warranty.

Showing of parts.
Metasys NU Description
NU-BAT101-0Metasys NU Replacement Battery Module (NUBAT1010)
NU-BAT300-1Metasys NU Replacement Battery NI-CAD (NUBAT3001)
NU-CBL101-0Metasys NU Cable RS-232 with DB25 Connector 35 Feet (NUCBL1010)
NU-COM101-0Metasys NU Communication Module 12V 25MA MAX (NUCOM1010)
NU-DCM101Metasys NU Digital Control Module (NUDCM101)
NU-DCM101-0Metasys NU Digital Control Module 101-0 (NUDCM1010)
NU-DCM101-700Metasys NU Digital Control Module 101-700 (NUDCM101700)
NU-DCM140-0Metasys NU Digital Control Module 140-0 (NUDCM1400)
NU-EOL202-0Metasys NU Digital Line Control Module (NUEOL2020)
NU-N2B101-0Metasys NU BUSS Driver Control Module 5V 100MA (NUN2B1010)
NU-NCM100-0Metasys NU Network Control Module (NUNCM1000)
NU-NCM101-0Metasys NU Network Control Module with ARCNET Board (NUNCM1010)
NU-NCM200-0Metasys NU Network Control Module 200-0 (NUNCM2000)
NU-NCM200-700Metasys NU Network Control Module 200-700 (NUNCM200700)
NU-NCM201-701Metasys NU Network Control Module with Processor (NUNCM201701)
NU-NCM300-0Metasys NU Network Control Module 300-0 (NUNCM3000)
NU-NCM300-1Metasys NU Network Control Module 300-1 (NUNCM3001)
NU-NCM300-700Metasys NU Network Control Module 300-700 (NUNCM300700)
NU-NCM350-1Metasys NU Network Control Module 1MEG (NUNCM3501)
NU-NCM350-701Metasys NU Network Control Module 1MEG 350-701 (NUNCM350701)
NU-NCM350-708Metasys NU Network Control Module 8MEG 350-708 (NUNCM350708)
NU-NCM350-8Metasys NU Network Control Module 8MEG (NUNCM3508)
NU-NDM101-0Metasys NU Dialer N2 Control Module Facilitator (NUNDM1010)
NU-NET101-700Metasys NU Network Interface Module (NUNET101700)
NU-NET301-0Metasys NU Multiplex Module with Coaxial Connector (NUNET3010)
NU-NET301-700Metasys NU Ethernet Card for NCM (NUNET301700)
NU-NIM102-0Metasys NU Network Identity Module (NUNIM1020)
NU-NIM1021Metasys NU Memory Board IM 1021 (NUNIM1021)
NU-NIM202Metasys NU Memory Board IM 202 (NUNIM202)
NU-NIM206-1Metasys NU Network Interface Module (NUNIM2061)
NU-PWR101-0Metasys NU Plug-In Power Supply (M) (NUPWR1010)
NU-PWR101-700Metasys NU Replacement Power Supply (NUPWR101700)
NU-PWR3000Metasys NU Power Supply (NUPWR3000)
NU-PWR3508Metasys NU Replacement Power Supply NCM30 (NUPWR3508)
NU-ROM101-1Metasys NU NCM Up Grade Kit (NUROM1011)
NU-XBN101-0Metasys NU Output Control Module 1 AMP 125VAC (NUXBN1010)
NU-XLR101-700Metasys NU Output Control Module XLR 1 AMP 125VAC (NUXLR101700)
NU-XRE101-0Metasys NU 16 Point Multiplex Control Module (NUXRE1010)
NU-XRL101-0Metasys NU Multiplex Input Output Control Module 125VAC (NUXRL1010)
NU-XRL101-700Metasys NU Input Output Binary Control Module (NUXRL101700)
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