Lenze Other parts section is parts that do not fall in the 8200 Series, 8400 Series, 9300 Series or the 9400 Series sections. Offering Digital Output Modules and some PLC Compact Drive with High Functionality.

Showing of parts.
Other Description
33.8201-EDrive Inverter (33.8201E)
33.8201BBOperating Module for 8200 Inverter Drive (33.8201.BB)
8211RH.1AHybrid Resistor Array (8211RH1A)
93009324MP.2D.80Lenze Operating Module
E70ACMSE0054SA2ETRI700 Double Inverter with Built In Technique
EBF9326EVLenze Operating Module
ECSEA008C4BServo System 8 AMP Axis Module
ECSEE012C4BECS Servo System Supply Module 12 AMP 565/675 VAC
ECSEE020C4BServo Drive Module with 3 Phase Input
ECSEPO16C4BServo Drive Module (ECS Servo System)
ECSZZ040X4BSuppression Filter 3 Phase 500V 32 AMP
EM28201BBOperating Module for 8200 Inverter Drive
EMF2102IBV001Interface Module 24VDC RS232/485 (EMF2102IB-V001)
EMF2131IBField Bus Module PROFIBUS DP (EMF 2131 IB)
EMF2175IBDeviceNet Canopen Field Bus Module
EMF2177IBSystem E USB Adapter Electrically Isolated
EMF2178IBOpen Field Bus Module
EMZ2002-EIsolation Board Assembly
EMZ8201BBOperating Module for 8200 Inverter Drive
EMZ82201BBLenze Operating Module
EMZ9371BCOperation Module Inverter Series
EMZ9374IBTerminal Extension Module 8 Channels 24 VDC LED
EPL-10200PLC System with High Functionality
EPL-10200-XXInput Output Operator Module
EPL10201Input Output Module Digital and Analog
EPM-S202Digital Input Module with 8 Points
EPM-S202.2ADigital Input Module with Brake Resistor
EPM-S302Digital Output Module with 8 Points
EPM-S302.2ADigital Output Module with 8 Points
EPM-S701.1BLenze Operating Module
EPM-T110CAN Gateway Module (EPMT110)
EPM-T220Digital Output Module with 8 Points (EPMT220)
EPM-T230Digital Input Output Module with 8 Points (EPMT230)
EPM-T951.1ALenze Operating Module
EPZ-10202PLC Compact Drive with High Functionality (EPZ10202)
EPZ-10203Extension Module 3 to Drive PLC (EPZ10203)
EPZ10201Extension Drive Input Output Board (EPZ-10201)
ES2EV223K4B241Lenze Operating Module
ESMD113l4TXAInverter Drive with Full IO 3 Phase
ESMD113L4TXA000XX1F22Lenze Operating Module
ESMD152L4TXAFrequency Inverter Drive
ESMD152L4TXAXX1G24Variable Speed Frequency Inverter Drive
ESMD152X2SFAFrequency Input Inverter Digital and Analog
ESMD153L4TXAFrequency Inverter 3 Phase 400 V 18.5 KW
ESMD183L4TXAFrequency Inverter 3 Phase 400V 18.5 KW
ESMD222L4TXAFrequency Inverter Drive 2.20 KW 5.3 AMP 400/480V 50/60HZ
ESMD222X2SFAInput Output Frequency Inverter SMD AC Drive
ESMD251X2SFAFrequency Inverter Drive 1.6 AMP 1-3 Phase 0.25KW 230V AC 50/60HZ
ESMD302L4TXAAC Inverter Drive Keypad with Display
ESMD371L4TXAFrequency Inverter Drive Keypad with Display
ESMD402L4TXAFrequency Inverter Drive 3 Phase 400/480V AC 4KW 155W
ESMD552L4Frequency Inverter Drive
ESMD552L4TXAFrequency Inverter Drive 3 Phase 400VAC 5.5KW 12.6AMP
ESMD751L4TXAFrequency Inverter full Input Output 0.75KW 400V AC 3 Phase
ESMD751X2SFAFrequency Inverter Drive with Built In Filter
ESMD752L4TXAInput Output Frequency Inverter Drive AC
ESV222N04TXBFrequency Inverter Drive with Standard Keyboard
ESV552N04TXBFrequency Inverter Drive with Standard Keyboard
EV152K4CLenze Operating Module
EV551K4CLenze Operating Module
EV552K4CLenze Operating Module
EV751K4CInverter Drive
EV9325-EVLenze Operating Module
EVD472-EInverter Drive 5.4HP 400V 50/60HZ (EVD472E)
EVD482-EDC Inverter Drive Speed Controller (EVD482E)
EVD4902-EDC Inverter Drive Speed Controller (EVD4902E) 6.7KW 340 to 460 29AMP
EVD4904-EDC Inverter Drive (EVD4904E) 4Q 23KW 50/90AMP 415V AC
EVD4909-EControl Board (EVD4909E)
EVD532-EDC Inverter Drive Speed Controller (EVD532E) 3/2 AMP 230VAC 50/60HZ 0.5HP
EVD533-EInverter Drive Speed Controller (EVD533E)
EVF8201-EInverter Drive (EVF8201E)
EVF8202-EFrequency Inverter Drive (EVF8202E)
EVF8203-EVector AC Inverter Drive (EVF8203E)
EVF8211-EFrequency Inverter Drive (EVF8211E) 400VAC 4.8AMP 3 Phase 50/60HZ 0.75 KW
EVF8212-EOutput Inverter Drive 3 Phase (EVF8212E)
EVF8213-EInverter Drive (EVF8213E) 5.5 AMP 3 Phase 380/480VAC 2.2KW
EVF8214-EFrequency Converter Drive Module (EVF8214E)
EVF8215-EInverter Drive with Voltage Protection (EVF8215E)
EVF8217-EVariable Speed Drive (EVF8217E) 15HP 7.5KW 380-480VAC 16.5A
EVF8218-EInverter Drive (EVF8218E) 400-460VAC 50/60HZ 23.5 AMP 20HP 15KW
EVF8221-EV020Lenze Operating Module
EVF8222-EV020Inverter Drive (EVF8222EV020) 47AMP 22KW 0-480HZ 480VAC
EVF8224-EServo Drive Inverter (EVF8224E) 308-480VAC 89A
EVF8226-EDrive Inverter (EVF8226E) 30KW 56AMP 480VAC
EVF8241-EV020Lenze Operating Module
EVF8243-EVariable Speed Drive (EVF8243E) 2HP 1.5KW 380/480VAC 3.9AMP
EVF8606-EInverter Drive AC 8600 (EVF8606E) 13AMP 3 Phase 480VAC 50/60HZ
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