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Product Details

  • System Q CPUs Control Module (Q02-CPU)
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Series: System Q CPUs

Product Description

The Mitsubishi Q02CPU (Q02-CPU) is a system Q series CPUs control module. The program capacity is 28k steps. The control module has 8,192 I/O point. There are a number of other points that originate from multiple relays, registers, and outputs. Not only that, but the control module has 381 instructions. The speeds it takes for the operation of each instruction depends on the instruction given to the Q02CPU control module. If the instruction ‘LD’ takes approximately 79ns; however, if the command ‘MOV’ is given, the instruction will take roughly 237ns. Then the Q02CPU control module has another instruction speed of 1815ns, for a specific type of instruction.

The networks that the Q02CPU control module, while in a CPU configuration, can link with are the MELSECNET/H of the Ethernet system which runs at the bandwidth of either 10 or 100Mbps or the remote I/O system. Even the CC-Link network may be used with the Q02CPU control module. Many CPU configurations may link through the Ethernet system while also linking with PCs. The configuration may also link with a GOT series touchscreen. The Q02CPU control module could also be in a remote configuration, thereby as a member in the remote I/O system.

There may only be seven extensions bases for the Q02CPU control module. With all seven bases, there can be up to 64 modules integrated with them. The distance between the main base in which the Q02CPU control module is positioned in with the other extensions may be at the most 13.2 meters apart.

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: Q02CPU (Q02-CPU)
Module Type: CPU Control Module
Number of I/O Points: 4,096pts.
Program Capacity: 28k steps
Weight: 0.3 (approx.)

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  • The Mitsubishi Q02CPU comes with a two year warranty.
  • A three year warranty is available. Please inquire for pricing.

Additional Information

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