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Product Details

  • CJ1 Control Module (CJ1HCPU65H)
  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Series: CJ1

Product Description

The Omron CJ1H-CPU65H (CJ1HCPU65H) is a CPU control module from the CJ1 series. There are 2,560 Input Output points for this control module. Its program capacity is 60k steps. The data memory capacity is 128k words, the data memory (DM) is 32k words and the extended memory is 32k words times 3 banks. The LD instruction execution time is 0.02ms. The CPU control module’s current consumption is 0.99A at a voltage of 5V.

There are two typical configurations which the CJ1H-CPU65H control module can be in. The first is the basic configuration. This configuration must have the CPU module with a HMC-372/672 memory card and a power supply like the CJ1W-PA205R, CJ1W-PA202, and CJ1W-PD025. Other external items needed are a CJ1W-CIF11 RS-422A adapter and a CJ1W-TER01 end cover. There can be up to ten other modules such as the basic I/O, the special I/O, and the CPU Bus modules. The other type of configuration that the CJ1H-CPU65H can be placed on is a CPU rack or expansion rack. This is used if it occurs that there are more than ten configuration modules or if the current consumption is greater than denoted capacity of the power supply. This cleaves the onus from just one power supply to two.

The CJ1H-CPU65H control module of the CJ1H family; this CPU can be used for applications demanding speed or a great memory capacity. These PLCs are known for being small, being on 90mm high and 65mm deep. The processing speed of these CJ1H control modules is very fast, permitting one CJ1H series PLC to be use instead of two other PLCs utilized to increase processing speeds.

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Technical Specifications

Module Type: CJ1H-CPU65H Control Module
Number of Input Output points: 2,560
Weight: 1lb (approx.)

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  • The Omron CJ1H-CPU65H comes with a one-year warranty.

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