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Product Details

  • CQM1 Output Control Module (CQM1OC222)
  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Series: CQM1

Product Description

The Omron CQM1-OC222 (CQM1OC222) is a control module with contact output points from the CQM1 series. This output control module has 16 relay output points and a 1 circuit unit. The 16 points can be disseminated to a distance reaching 500 meters with the aid of a B7A interface module. The CQM1-OC222 control module has a maximum AC voltage 250V and maximum DC voltage of 24V with 2 amps per point. This unit is enabled to produce one KHz pulse output which can be conducted to a normal output.

The CQM1-OC222 output control module has two directional RS232 ports integrated in the PLC. This control module can entertain up to two of these RS232 ports. These RS232 ports allow for programming and communication to other electronic apparatuses. Such apparatuses it can be connected with are temperature controls, interface (man to machine), etc. The CQM1-OC222 can be a slave or a master unit by means of the ports. In networking this module, one can manipulate port arrangement from ‘ASCII’ mode to ‘Host’ mode. The CQM1-OC222 can be assimilated with the Sysmac Bus Network by utilizing a RS485 cable. This RS485 cable allows the CQM1-OC222 to connect with process or temperature controllers and other control modules.

This CQM1-OC222 output control module has four inveterate interrupts which have a reaction time as quick as 1.0 millisecond; interruptions can be determined in order of importance by the user.

The CQM1-OC222 output control module and other modules of the CQM1 series may be mounted on a DIN rail. This module also uses the electrical screw terminal connector if the DIN rail is not used.

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: CQM1-OC222 (CQM1OC222)
Module Type: Control Module
Number of Output points: 16
Weight: 0.0507 lb

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  • The Omron CQM1-OC222 comes with a one-year warranty.

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