Omron CQM1 Series PLC

Popular CQM1 CPUs are CQM1-CPU11, CQM1-CPU21, CQM1-CPU41, CQM1-CPU43, CQM1-CPU45-EV1, CQM1H-CPU21, and CQM1H-CPU51. Popular I/O units include CQM1-OC222, CQM1-ID212, CQM1-OD212, and CQM1-OC221. Power supplies include CQM1-PA206 and CQM1-PA216.

Mitsubishi Melsec A Series PLC

Popular modules include AOJ2, A171, A172, A173, A1CP, A1NC, A1SC, A1SH, A1SJ, A1SS, A273, A2AC, A2AS, A2CC, A2CP, A2EC, A2NC, A2SC, A2SH, A2UC, A2US, A373, A3AC, A3CP, A3HC, A3MC, A3NC, A3UC, A4AC, A4UC, AINC, AOJ2

Omron CS1 Rack PLC

Popular CS1 CPUs include CS1H-CPU63, CS1HCPU64, CS1H-CPU65, CS1HCPU66, CS1H-CPU67, CS1G-CPU42, CS1G-CPU43, CS1G-CPU44, CS1G-CPU45, CS1D-CPU42, CS1D-CPU44S, CS1D-CPU65, and CS1D-CPU67

Mitsubishi Melsec System Q PLC

Popular modules include Q00, Q01. Q02. Q04. Q06, Q10, Q12, Q13, Q20, Q30, Q170, Q172, Q173

Omron CV Series PLC

Popular CPUs include C500-CPU11, CV500-CPU01, CV1000-CPU01, CV2000-CPU01, CVM1-CPU01, CVM1-CPU11, and CVM1-CPU21

Mitsubishi FX Series Compact PLC

Popular FX series include FX1, FX1N, FX1S, FX2, FX2N, FX3, FX3UC, FX3U, and FX3G.

Omron CPM Compact PLC

CPM1 and CPM2. The CPM series is Omron's compact PLC range. All models provide interrupt and pulse input functions for fast detection and counting. The CPM1A is and all-in-one PLC. The CPM2C is a compact communications wonder.